Welcome to Chola's


The name “Cholas” reflects Chola dynasty which was one of the longest-ruling dynasties in the history of southern India from where our routes belong.

With the growing Indian population and the popularity of Indian food within the community in Charlotte we saw the need for people to hang out in a full sized bar with Indian food. There was also a vacuum for grilled menu with Indian spices and hence lead to the creation of “Cholas Indian Grill”.

Our casual dining restaurant with bar offers cocktails, mocktails and delicious food and plenty of patio seating. If you are looking for Indian Restaurant with a full-fledged bar setting then you have come to the right place. Our family-friendly casual dining atmosphere offers the epitome of entertainment and relaxation in every part of our establishment.

Cholas Indian Grill is so much more than just a restaurant with a bar. We offer our customers a place where they can enjoy music, cocktails, and the entire casual dining experience. We also accommodate private parties and weddings. For more information on our private parties and wedding venue, or to reserve patio seating, call us at 980-258-0089.